18 U.S. patents recently issued to Purdue University innovations

Congratulations to Purdue University researchers across all campuses and academic disciplines. They have recently received 18 patents on their intellectual property from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The majority of these are available to license. Visit the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization’s web site to learn more about these and other available technologies.

Here are the principal investigators whose work was recently patented. Also included are their college and the issued patent number.

Find patent information online by searching for the patent number preceded by “US” — like US11,200,822 or US11,203,675 — on http://patents.google.com/.

· Euiwon Bae, College of Engineering, #11,200,822

· Mukerrem Cakmak, College of Engineering, #11,203,675

· Ji-xin Cheng, College of Engineering, #11,199,453

· Robert Graham Cooks, College of Science, #11,209,411

· Mingji Dai, College of Science, #11,198,674

· Daniel DeLaurentis, College of Engineering, #11,201,665

· Xinyan Deng, College of Engineering, #11,201,530

· Natalia Dudareva, College of Agriculture, #11,198,884

· Craig Goergen, College of Engineering, #11,200,738

· Y. Charlie Hu, College of Engineering, #11,200,637

· Pedro Irazoqui, no longer at Purdue, #11,191,961

· Nicole Key, College of Engineering, #11,199,437

· Esteban E. Marinero-Caceres, College of Engineering, #11,201,350

· Jeffrey T. Miller, College of Engineering, #11,203,010

· Timothée Pourpoint, College of Engineering, #11,198,656

· Karthik Ramani, College of Engineering, #11,999,936

· Oleg Wasynczuk, College of Engineering, #11,201,562

· Song Zhang, College of Engineering, #11,206,427

During the 2020 calendar year, Purdue Research Foundation ranked #6 internationally for patents received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. That was an increase from the #13 international ranking from the year before. The information was listed in a report from the Intellectual Property Owners Association and the National Academy of Inventors.

Are you a researcher at a Purdue University campus who has made an innovation discovery? Disclose your innovation to the Office of Technology Commercialization online.