24 U.S. patents recently issued to Purdue University innovations

Congratulations to Purdue University researchers across all campuses and academic disciplines. They have recently received 24 patents on their intellectual property from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The majority of these are available to license. Visit the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization’s web site to learn more about these and other available technologies.

Here are the primary investigators whose work was recently patented. Also included are their college and the issued patent number.

Find patent information online by searching for the patent number preceded by “US” — like US11,200,822 or US11,203,675 — on http://patents.google.com/.

Jeffrey K. Ackerman, no longer at Purdue

· “Motorized mount for seating system,” #11,357,679

Vaneet Aggarwal, College of Engineering

· “Minimizing stall duration tail probability in over-the-top streaming systems,” #11,356,712

David Bahr, College of Engineering

· “Anti-microbial treatment for hardened metallic surfaces,” #11,353,404

· “Peening media and processes for producing and using peening media,” #11,376,712

Robert Graham Cooks, College of Science

· “Systems and methods for isolating a target ion in an ion trap,” #11,355,328

· “Systems and methods for conducting reactions and screening for reaction products,” #11,361,954

· “Sample analysis systems and methods of use thereof,” #11,380,534

Pedro Irazoqui, no longer at Purdue

· “Prevention of reflux inducted laryngospasm,” #11,376,428

Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, no longer at Purdue

· “Methods and systems for fabricating elastomer-based electronic devices and devices formed thereby,” #11,358,325

Tillmann Kubis, College of Engineering

· “Cascade field effect transistors,” #11,362,200

· “Method of modeling many particle system,” #11,372,948

Michael Ladisch, College of Engineering and College of Agriculture

· “Methods for mitigating the inhibitory effects of lignin and soluble phenolics for enzymatic conversion of cellulose,” #11,371,069

Philip Low, College of Science

· “PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using,” #11,369,590

Jianguo Mei, College of Science

· “Semiconducting microfibers and methods of making the same,” #11,380,845

Jeffrey T. Miller, College of Engineering

· “Increased oligomer selectivity from olefin oligomerization by incorporation of boron,” #11,358,912

Karthik Ramani, College of Engineering

· “Method and system for hand pose detection,” #11,360,570

· “Systems and method for generating asynchronous augmented reality instructions,” #11,380,069

Kenneth H. Sandhage, College of Engineering

· “Methods of manufacturing oxide/metal composite components and the components produced therefrom,” #11,352,681

Michael Scharf, no longer at Purdue

· “Methods, compositions, and molecular targets that exploit synergies and symbioses in the termite gut,” #11,364,285

Fabio Semperlotti, College of Engineering

· “Thermoacoustic device and method of making the same,” #11,375,320

Shreyas Sen, College of Engineering

· “System and method for signal interference rejection using human body communication,” #11,374,602

Gregory Shaver, College of Engineering

· “Implementing variable actuation on a diesel engine at high-speed idle operation for improved after treatment warm-up,” #11,359,564

Kevin V. Solomon, no longer at Purdue

· “Tunable transcriptional regulators responsive to environmental triggers,” #11,352,632

Song Zhang, College of Engineering

· “Calibration arrangement for structured light system using a tele-centric lens,” #11,356,650

During the 2020 calendar year, Purdue Research Foundation ranked #6 internationally for patents received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. That was an increase from the #13 international ranking from the year before. The information was listed in a report from the Intellectual Property Owners Association and the National Academy of Inventors.

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