In 1863, Bayer started with a friendship between two men, plenty of natural curiosity, and two kitchen stoves. More than 150 years later, Bayer comprises three divisions Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Health. We’ve evolved to contribute to a world in which diseases are not only treated but effectively prevented or cured, people can take care of their health more effectively, and enough food is produced for all while respecting our planet’s natural resources. Always following our commitments for sustainable business growth. 

Our purpose, Science for a better life, guides the effective delivery of breakthrough innovations fueled by the power of human ingenuity. With the same spirit that our founders shared, we believe in innovation through strategic collaboration as the driving force to catalyze the breakthroughs needed to address the world’s biggest challenges. 

Our Innovation Center, Bayer at Convergence, enables a collaborative, entrepreneurial, and solution-based framework where the brightest minds at Purdue University join forces with knowledgeable and passionate minds in agriculture. Working together toward a shared vision – Health for all. Hunger for none. 

Welcome to Bayer at Convergence. Let the innovations begin!

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I couldn’t be more excited to drive this partnership. Bringing together experts from industry with those in academia enables creative solutions to farmers’ challenges while offering unique and diverse learning experiences for top students across campus.”

– susana diaz
Head of Bayer at Convergence
Bayer Crop Science 


Bayer at Convergence
101 Foundry Drive. Suite 4500
West Lafayette, IN 47906