Ag-Celerator Application Deadline

The Ag-Celerator™, created in 2015, is a $2 million agricultural innovation fund designed to provide critical startup support for Purdue innovators who wish to commercialize patented intellectual property or Purdue “know-how” technologies related to agriculture. Recent Purdue Next Moves funding now allows us to open up this unique opportunity to any and all Purdue innovators […]

Spring 2022 Ag-Celerator Callout

Attention ALL Agricultural Purdue Startups and Innovators!The Purdue Foundry is hosting a spring semester callout and info session for the $100,000 Ag Innovation Ag-Celerator.The Purdue Next Moves program now allows us to open this unique funding opportunity to all Purdue innovators (students, faculty, alumni, other Purdue Affiliates) creating a startup company that impacts any related […]

Ag-Celerator Demo Day

Hear from Purdue Foundry’s Ag-Celerator finalists in early stages of plant technology commercialization!Join Purdue Foundry at the Fall 2021 Ag-Celerator Demo Day on December 10th, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST. Finalists will present their plant technologies and showcase their innovative talents!Finalists:Advanced Renewable Power Inc.AroSynEquine Lung Experts, LLCFiberXPlantennasFertilipidRiteCarbs, LLCQmira, LLCReproHealth TechnologiesInsignum AgTechVerility, Inc.Purdue Foundry’s Ag-Celerator™, created […]