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Purdue researcher awarded $1.3 million for malaria drug trials in Southeast Asia and Africa

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Philip Low, Purdue University’s Presidential Scholar for Drug Discovery and the Ralph C. Corley Distinguished Professor of Chemistry in the College of Science, has been awarded $1.38 million from Open Philanthropy to further validate a drug therapy that he and his colleagues have previously shown to successfully treat malaria. (Purdue University photo/John Underwood) Philip Low… Learn More >

Purdue recognized as national innovation leader: 4th among US universities in US patents received

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Purdue Research Foundation received 192 US patents in 2022 calendar year to protect intellectual property WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A national organization dedicated to inventors at academic institutions has recognized Purdue University’s innovation culture and technology transfer resources as among the best in the nation. In the 2022 calendar year, Purdue Research Foundation received 192… Learn More >

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New bio-based glues from Purdue form adhesive bonds that grow stronger in water

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Aaron Mena (left) and Jennifer Garcia Rodriguez, graduate students in Purdue University’s Department of Chemistry, affix corals using adhesive formulations developed from fully sustainable, bio-based components. The formulations could have applications in the construction, manufacturing, biomedical, dental, food and cosmetic industries as well as coral reef restoration. (Purdue University photo/Gudrun Schmidt) Patent-pending formulations could be… Learn More >

Purdue establishes permanent presence next to NSWC Crane for future of national defense and semiconductors

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Attending the launch of Purdue@Crane: U.S. Rep. Jim Baird (IN-4); Angela Lewis, NSWC Crane technical director; Navy Capt. Rex Boonyobhas, NSWC Crane commander; Mung Chiang, Purdue University president; Karen Plaut, Purdue University executive vice president of research. (Purdue University/Garrett Poortinga, Green Hat Media WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Officials of Purdue University, the Purdue Applied Research… Learn More >

Man holding a cooling pad designed for hogs

IHT Group to manufacture, sell hog-cooling technology developed at Purdue

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Robert M. Stwalley III, clinical associate professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University, shows a cooling pad designed to keep hogs cool. IHT Group of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has signed an exclusive license and will manufacture and sell the pads in North America beginning spring 2024. (Purdue Agricultural Communication photo/Tom Campbell)… Learn More >

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Purdue streak camera innovation could capture actions that last femtoseconds or less

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Colton Fruhling, postdoctoral researcher (left), and Mustafa Goksu Ozlu, graduate research assistant in Purdue University’s Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, analyze data created by simulated tests of a streak camera. The patent-pending technology uses all-optical mechanisms, which have the potential to record actions that last a femtosecond, or one-quadrillionth of a second.… Learn More >

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Wabash Internship Program Seeks Purdue Problem Solvers

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Recruiting Purdue University students as summer interns has made a measurable impact on Greater Lafayette’s only Fortune 1000 company. Now there are even more student opportunities at Wabash, which is launching a co-op pilot program during the 2023-24 academic year. Kyle Richmann Why Wabash values Purdue students Wabash is a world-class manufacturer of advanced engineered… Learn More >

Anu awarded $200,000 grant to mass manufacture its aeroponic seed pods that grow produce in controlled environments

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Scott Massey, founder and CEO at anu, holds a sunflower cultivated in one of the company’s seed pods. The company has received a $200,000 Indiana Manufacturing Readiness Grant to mass manufacture its aeroponic seed pod consumables. The grants are provided by the Indiana Economic Development Corp. and administered by Conexus Indiana and the Next Level… Learn More >

Purdue thermal imaging innovation allows AI to see through pitch darkness like broad daylight

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HADAR, or heat-assisted detection and ranging, combines thermal physics, infrared imaging and machine learning to pave the way to fully passive and physics-aware machine perception. Research led by Zubin Jacob, the Elmore Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and research scientist Fanglin Bao of Purdue University has been published as the cover story of… Learn More >

Purdue Innovates Startup Foundry awards $200,000 in equity investment to Aerovy Mobility and Uniform Sierra Aerospace

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Purdue University alumni-led startups Aerovy Mobility, in left photo, and Uniform Sierra Aerospace participated in the biannual Black and Gold Awards pitch competition. Purdue Innovates Startup Foundry, led by Tyler Mantel (at far right in both pictures), awarded $100,000 apiece to both companies. Aerovy Mobility also received $40,000 from the New Venture Challenge pitch competition,… Learn More >